As the refreshing rains drench the north Indian plains & hills, the monsoon also brings challenges for our eyes. Itchy and watery eyes can be common during this time, primarily due to increased humidity, allergens, and infections in water, air and on surfaces. However, with some handy eye care tips, you can ensure your eyes remain healthy and comfortable throughout the rainy season.

 This blog shares simple yet effective monsoon eye care tips to prevent itchy and watery eyes during monsoons

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Good hygiene practices are crucial to prevent eye infections during the monsoon. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water before touching your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes with unwashed hands, as it can introduce harmful bacteria and exacerbate itchiness and redness.

Monsoon Eye Care Tips

Avoid Touching Your Eyes

Resist the temptation to rub or touch your eyes when they feel itchy or watery. Rubbing can further irritate the eyes, leading to more discomfort. Instead, gently pat the eyes with a clean tissue or a soft cloth.

Keep Your Eyes Clean

During the monsoon, your eyes are exposed to dust, pollen, and other irritants. Clean your eyes regularly with cool water to minimize the risk of allergies and infections. This simple act can help flush out any foreign particles and soothe irritated eyes.

Increase water intake

Staying hydrated is essential for overall eye health, especially during the monsoon. Sufficient hydration helps prevent dry eyes, which can cause itchiness and discomfort. Additionally, staying hydrated boosts the production of tears, which lubricate and protect your eyes.

Use Protective Eyewear

Wearing protective eyewear such as sunglasses is crucial during the monsoons. Rainwater can carry harmful pollutants and allergens, and sunglasses act as a barrier, shielding your eyes from direct contact. Choose sunglasses that provide UV protection to guard against the sun’s harmful rays.

Stay away from Static Water

Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes and other insects that can cause eye diseases like conjunctivitis. Bacteria in monsoons is also a common occurrence. Hence exercise caution when going through puddles or other places where stagnant water has gathered. Use umbrellas or raincoats to keep water out of your eyes and to protect yourself from splashes.

Maintain a Clean-Living Environment

Keeping your living space clean and free from dust and allergens can significantly reduce the chances of eye irritation. It will also insulate you from potential bacteria in monsoons. Regularly dust and vacuum your home, and ensure proper ventilation to prevent the growth of moulds and other allergens that thrive in humid conditions.

Upon any complicacy, Consult an Eye Specialist

If you experience persistent or severe eye discomfort, redness, itching, or watery eyes, it is advisable to consult an eye care professional. They can diagnose underlying conditions and provide appropriate treatment to alleviate your symptoms.

Blog Summary

With the above-shared monsoon eye care tips, you can safeguard your eyes from itchiness and wateriness, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable rainy season. Remember to prioritize hygiene, avoid touching your eyes, and wear protective eyewear when necessary. By following these simple yet effective practices, you can maintain optimal eye health and prevent itchy and watery eyes during monsoons.