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With over 17 years of public service in eye care, we have gained patient trust as the best Eye Hospital in Patiala Punjab. We offer advanced treatments for all eye diseases, Eye surgeries with the services of super-specialist Ophthalmologists.

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Among the best Cataract Surgeons in the Malwa region of Punjab, Dr. Manpreet Singh is a Singapore-trained eye surgeon leading a team of super specialist ophthalmologists at NABH approved Global Eye Hospital Patiala. He specializes in Robotic Cataract surgeries & Refractive Vision corrections.


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We have taken a phenomenal lead in Laser Eye treatments by introducing right technology at the right time. Our focus is to provide quality & advanced eye treatments to patients right in their own cities, saving them costs, time
and hassle of travelling to big cities.

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Your Eyesight matters to us most!  We provide best eye treatments at affordable prices for all segments of society. Quality eye treatments covering all eye diseases are provided at our super specialty eye hospital. We are accredited by NABH for several years in a row.  Our team of eye specialists is trained to meet your expectations by giving out the best eye treatments using the latest eye diagnostic and advanced technologies in Ophthalmology. 

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