which is the best monofocal iol

What are IOL lenses?

Mono-focal lenses have become very popular in India as a way to improve eyesight, especially for people who have cataracts (Motiabind/ मोतियाबिंद). Multi-focal lenses have different focus zones for various viewing distances, whereas Mono-focal lenses only have one fixed focus point, which is generally set for farsightedness. Most of the time, this means a more straightforward, cheaper, and more accessible option for many patients. But because there are so many choices in different price segments, it can be confusing to find the best monofocal lens at a price you can afford.

To help you find the best monofocal lens price in India without sacrificing quality, this write-up will walk you through the different types of available choices in Monofocal lenses with inputs from expert cataract surgeon Dr. Manpreet Singh – the chief surgeon at Global Eye Hospital Patiala- which is rated the best eye hospital in Patiala for cataract surgery.  

What is a Mono-Focal Lense?


Mono-focal lenses are implanted inside a cataract patient’s eye to replace the natural but hazy lens present in the eye. Monofocal lenses provide clear vision for a fixed distance – either close or Distance focus, but not for both. After an implant of a Monofocal lens, patients may still be dependent on the use of eyeglasses for specific tasks, like reading or using a computer. However, due to defined fixed-length vision, monofocal have infrequent visual disturbances such as halos or glare, which is why monofocal lenses are often the first choice of a large segment of cataract patients in India. They are the cheapest among the IOL range of lenses as they help you see at a single desired distance, near or Far.

What is the Price of a Monofocal lens in India?

There is a broad range of price variations of mono-focal lenses in India due to a number of factors, including the brand of IOL, the material of IOL, and the eye hospital or eye clinic where the surgery is done. On average, the cost of each monofocal lens could be between 18,000 to ₹45,000 from the best IOL lens brands in India & overseas (Imported IOL). However, some budget-friendly Monofocal could cost under ₹10,000 but may not be as durable and match the quality of results of expensive monofocal IOLs. Please note that the costs often do not include the cost of surgery, which can also change based on several factors, such as the surgeon’s experience and the location of the clinic where you want to get operated for your cataract surgery.

Four easy steps to help you find the best IOL lens prices?

  1. Online Research:The Internet should be your first choice. Read patient feedback from different cataract surgeons and eye hospitals given by patients with IOL lens implants—further learn about different types and brands of mono-focal lenses available in India with pricing. Good brands often offer lenses with advanced materials or coatings that can enhance the visual experience even within the mono-focal category.
  2. Compare:Use online platforms and forums to compare prices. Many websites offer detailed comparisons of lens prices across different cities and hospitals in India. Word of Mouth from known friends and acquaintances will help you get a good deal.
  3. Consult: Don’t hesitate to consult with multiple ophthalmologists. Some eye doctors have partnerships with specific brands that might offer discounts or packages that include both lens and surgical costs.
  4. Insurance and Health Plans: Most cataract surgeries with monofocal lens implants are covered by specific government schemes and private insurance companies. Check if your health insurance or corporate health plan covers cataract surgery and lens implantation. Some policies cover a portion of the cost, making it more affordable.

Blog Summary: Finding the Best Mono-Focal Lens Prices in India

Choosing the right mono-focal lens involves balancing quality and cost. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s crucial to ensure that the lens comes from a reputable brand and is implanted by an experienced surgeon. The longevity and quality of vision provided by the lens should be the top priority. The IOL lenses manufactured by the best IOL lens brands in India are both excellent in vision results and often have lifetime longevity.

When it comes to obtaining the best price for mono-focal lenses in India, it is necessary to put in some effort,” advises Dr. Manpreeet Singh, the best cataract surgeon in Patiala, Punjab. Some basic research on the internet and looking at the online ratings of Eye Hospital are primary indicators. This should be followed by personal visits to a shortlisted two or three hospitals to gain a personal understanding of the best & suitable IOL lens choice for your cataract surgery. You will be able to make an educated decision that is within your financial means without sacrificing the quality of the service. Hence, doing some internal research, making comparisons, and seeking advice from medical professionals should help you find the Best Mono-Focal Lens Prices in India. Global Eye Hospital Patiala provides free counseling for cataract patients looking for the best lens advice within their budget size.